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Static Ball Press Machine Meets the Market Demand


In the past, most lime powder in Chinese metallurgy industry goes out of use or is made other use of which leads to terrible resource waste. As the lacking situation of sources and resources, the usage of metallurgy lime powder will attract more and more people’s attention. Therefore, the static pressure ball press machine is invented.

static ball press machine

Since 2002, this problem has been solved by related research organization of metallurgy industry based on their scientific study. The solution is to adopt static pressure ball press machine to process drawing powder for later smelting. The static pressure ball press machine is made to be mainly used to press powder materials that need clinkering.

The static pressure ball press machine with its advanced technology, reliable quality, multi-purpose and strong power is suitable for the large, medium and small size entrepreneurs to build up a production line with a certain scale. It is also used for the molding process of the materials in the industries like industrial gas making, coal briquette and metallurgy for civilian use, refractory materials, and medicines.

The static pressure ball press machine is able to press the coal powder, coal mud, middling coal, coke powder, coking coal and metallurgy powder into cold pressing balls and refractory matters. The machine has obvious effect on the loose materials like coke powder, oxide skin, fly ash and sludge.

With such a wide range of application in the material processing industry, we believe our static pressure ball press machine will serve customers quite well.


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