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Expanding Development Space for Transformation of Mining Machinery


The mining machinery manufacturing industry is the foundation of the national independent industrial system construction. It’s reported that since the European economic crisis, the global mining machinery market has been bearish and the negative growth has happened to the sales market. Viewing from the aspect of the development trend of the international mining machinery industry, we can clearly see that whether manufacturers can provide “package service” will play a crucial role in the future competition for the mining market.

mining machinery

In fact, the mining machinery industry is mainly driven by the newly increased productivity or the transformation of the productivity in the downstream manufacturing industry and infrastructure construction. Therefore, the fixed investment will become the direct motivation to push the mining machinery industry forward. In the mean time, the reduction of interest and the expansion of the interest rate floatation section encourage the market to start the revolution, thus speeding up the development of the mining machinery manufacturing industry.

In recent years, the Chinese government starts to introduce policies to promote the infrastructure construction and other basic industries related to energy, transportation and raw materials, which provides a large amount of space for the mining machinery industrial development. For example, the investment for the railway construction will directly drive the market demand for the mining machines to certain extent. Moreover, the Chinese government has made related policies and laws to inspire the mining machinery market by encouraging the construction projects of the Western development, water conservancy, urban construction and new resources exploitation.


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