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Hammer Crusher and Jaw Crusher for Iron Ore Crushing


In China’s market, now, iron ore is usually firstly broken by Jaw Crusher, and then be further crushed by hammer crusher, crusher and separate iron ore directly. In fact, this pattern of work will be resulted in a waste of resources and cost, so today, the author wants to make a detailed explanation on crushing mode of Jaw Crusher and hammer Crusher.

In general, the concentrator uses open circuit design, there is no such equipment used to return the broken material into magnetic separator, for this reason, granular material is out of control. However, specific part of useful material is not allowed to be wasted, so good crushing effect is very important for iron ore.

The service life of hammers of Hammer Crusher is very short, so you need to replace it regularly. Integration of hammers of Hammer Crusher do not provide enough impact velocity, so three crushing capacity has been limited. In addition, the structure of mineral processing equipment is reasonable, for this reason, hammer crusher cannot achieve good performance and low energy consumption, at this time, Jaw Crusher can be used.

Jaw Crusher enjoys the minimum energy performance and minimum wear. In order to better crush rock and ore, the crushing capacity of Jaw Crusher must be fully utilized. However, mineral processing equipment uses only the main crushing capacity of Jaw Crusher for crushing rocks, and then sent them to a tertiary crusher, thus increasing power consumption and tertiary crushers wear.


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