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Ball Mill with Special Application and Features


The cylinder of ball mill is composed of two truncated cone-shaped end cover and a cylindrical tubular body assembled with screws. Each end cover weld a journal. The application of ball mill: Rock, metal ores, alloys, sand, cement, slag, ceramics, catalyst carriers, soil, glass, coal, coke, alumina, metal oxides, plant materials, slag, silicates, etc.

The features of ball mill:

1, Small size, light weight, high efficiency. Can be used for material grinding, mixing and machine alloying.

2, High polishing speed and efficiency.

3, By changing the number of samples, the grinding time, grinding media and the number of grinding balls, can achieve very extensive grinding results.

4, Through a dedicated fixture, 12 samples can be ground at a time.

5, After pre-set grinding time, grinding process can be done automatically, without manual operation.

6, Rugged, and very low failure rate.

7, Unique design grinding bottle: the junction of traditional grinding bottle’ s body and cap is almost at right angles, and the sample gathered here can not fully contact with the grinding balls. Therefore, its efficiency and grinding effect are bad. The grinding bottle provided by our enterprise has a special design and casting process. The bottle and cap are both designed as curved concave surface, which eliminates the possibility that samples deposit on the dead. So its grinding effect is more uniform and efficient.

The analysis and findings made by Hongxing experts: If the mill’s speed is same, while the grinding time is not, the grinding rate will become lower and lower as time increasing. However, if the grinding time is same, while the mill’ s speed is not, the grinding rate will become higher and higher as its speed increasing. With the development of technology, Hongxing will study ball mill more and more. We will work with our full enthusiasm to create high quality products for the construction industry and make a contribution to our country.


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