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Structure and Operating Feature of Vibrating Screen


Vibrating screen is dry vibration sieving machine suitable for moist fine-grained material difficult to be screened, is current advanced vibration screening machinery for screening material difficult to be screened.

Vibrating screen has the following characteristics:

1, Use eccentric block as the excitation force, with strong vibration.

2, Sieve beam and sieve box uses high-strength bolts, with simple structure and convenient shortcut;

3, Use tyre couplings, with flexible connection and smooth operation;

4, Use small amplitude, high frequency and high inclined structure, making vibrating screen the efficient screening, with the largest capacity, long life, low power consumption, low noise, etc.

In addition, vibrating screen has large amplitude, high intensity and lower frequency, as well as vibration sieving machine technology of compound fertilizer with elastic screen surface-specific features. The vibrating screen remains the biggest hole in the working process, thus it has high screening efficiency and large capacity, and the screen is easy to change, and cost can be reduced. Large sieve surface and large processing capacity of vibrating screen can meet production needs.

The structure of vibrating screen is with multi-sieving vibration, but sieve box and rack do not participate in vibration, which enables the sieve to achieve drum granulator equipment of large compound fertilizer.

Vibrating screen machine is vibration screening machinery equipment with unique construct and wide range of application, it utilizes granular material and the relative movement of the sieve surface to make part of particles pass through the sieve, so the sand, gravel, crushed stone and other materials with different particle size are divided into different levels.

Vibrating screen machine plays an important role in mining industry, making it very widely used in all areas of mechanical application. Vibrating screen equipment will ride the wings and go farther in technological development in the future.


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