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Trommel Screen

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Trommel Screen

Trommel Screen

Charge Amount:50-150mm

Reference Power:12-150t/h

Application Range:His machine can be used in the grading of powder material, which this the 60-200 mesh screener with good sieving effectiveness.

Working Principle

Trommel Screen

The trommel screen is with slanting installation structure on the rack. The electromotor is connected to the roller via the reducer by the coupling joint the reducer, and it drives the roller to rotate around its axis. When the materials enter the trommel screen, due to the its inclining and turning structure, they flip and roll on the surface of the screen with the qualified materials (minus sieve ones) coming out of the discharging hole at the bottom of roller’s back end, and the unqualified material (plus sieve ones) out from discharging hole at the rear end of the trommel screen. Due to their flipping and rolling, materials stuck inside the sieve mesh will pop out, avoiding the meshes’ blocking.

Trommel sand screening machine and trommel screen have almost the same structure and working principle as the trammel drum screen, and their differences just lie in the way people understand and call them.

High frequency screen


1,Adopting the principle of rolling transportation; small friction coefficient; little abrasion; the mesh is not easy to be blocked.

2, The idler adopts overall axle construction which can work steadily with no vibration and little noise.

3, The accessories of the internal screen cloth have separated design with simple structure and it’s convenient for replacement and maintenance.

4, The body of trommel screen adopts effective fully sealed structure which produces no dust and no pollution.

5,Trommel screen works safely and reliably by using reduction drive with high transmission efficiency, low power, low energy consumption and obvious energy saving effect.

6, Customers can decide for themselves what materials and size of the screen cloth to use. This helps increase the screening efficiency and service life and decrease maintenance costs.


Model Yield(m³/h) Power
Sieve hole(2mm) Sieve hole(30mm)
YTS1230 12 50 5.5
YTS1240 14 60 5.5
YTS1250 15 70 5.5
YTS1530 18 75 5.5
YTS1540 18 75 7.5
YTS1550 20 80 11
YTS1560 22 100 11
YTS2040 25 120 15
YTS2050 30 150 15
YTS2060 35 175 18.5


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