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Toothed Roll Crusher

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Toothed Roll Crusher

Toothed Roll Crusher

Processing ability: 70–460 t/h

Feeding granularity: 100–800 mm

Dimensions: 2100×2450×2000–2500×4360×2400 mm

Applied material: coal, pebble, perlite, limestone

Introduction to the Toothed Roll Crusher

 The toothed roll crusher can be divided into two big series, namely the double teeth roll crusher and four-toothed roll crusher. The double teeth roll crusher is a mechanical spring type(2PCM), which can equip coarse roll and medium roll according to the characteristics and requirements of crushing materials. The four-toothed roll crusher is actually consisting of two double roll crushers.

Toothed Roll Crusher

The performance characteristics of toothed roll crusher

 1. Compared with roll crusher and other types of crushers, the double roll crusher has big reduction ratio, without any requirement on the material moisture, no adhesion or blocking, less of crushed materials, low noise, small vibration, low dust, low energy consumption, small footprint, simple and convenient maintenance, etc.

2. Double teeth roll crusher is equipped with hydraulic automatic concession device, which can effectively prevent damage of iron to roll and hazards of wood and flexible objects to the normal work of rollers.

Toothed Roll Crusher

3. Double teeth roll crusher is equipped with intelligent removal devices, which can utilize interval working conditions to automatically clear the adhesive materials on the cavity wall of crushers.

4. The toothed roll crusher adopts mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and other safety devices and systems, which effectively protects the motor, crushers and the entire system.

5. The toothed roll crusher and double teeth roll crusher with high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and other benefits have replaced the imported crushing equipment and become the preferred devices in thermal power plants, which are suitable for the crushing of medium and low hardness brittle materials, like bituminous coal, anthracite, lignite and coal waste, which also can be used for sinter, coke, slag, limestone and shale.


Model Roller 
2PGC600×500 600 500 200-450 15-100 30-60 4P   11×2 3800 2450×1800×950
2PGC600×800 600 750 300-600 20-120 60-100 4P   18.5×2 7200 4500×1900×1350
2PGC800×1000 800 1000 500-800 30-150 100-160 4P   22×2 12600 2550×2050×1100
2PGC1000×1000 1000 1000 700-950 30-200 150-200 6P   45×2 18800 2780×4100×1550
2PGC1200×1200 1200 1200 800-1050 30-200 180-250 6P   55×2 29500 2780×3200×1980
2PGC1500×1200 1500 1200 1000-1150 30-200 200-300 6P   75×2 38600 8010×4500×2050


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