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Spiral chute

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Spiral chute

Spiral chute

Processing ability: 0.15-6 t/h

Spiral rotation speed: 3.2-30 r/min

Applied material: iron ore, ilmenite, chromite, pyrite, zircon, rutile, monazite, tungsten, tin, tantalum, niobium, etc

Working principles of spiral chute

1. The gravity spiral chute works with the procedure of respectively intercepting the fine, secondary and tailing ores at the end of the groove without adding wash water in the grading process.

2. The spiral groove of spiral separator is the main working part which is formed with the combination of screw panels made of glass fiber reinforced plastics. The inner surface of spiral separator is coated with wear-resisting lining which is usually the PU wear-resisting rubber or the epoxy resin mixed with the artificial carborundum.

3. We add the wear-resisting layer with diabase powder onto it when plastering the inner surface of the gravity spiral chute.

4. In the upper part of the gravity spiral chute locate the ore separator and the feeder trough; in the lower part are the product interception device and the receiving ore trough. The complete device stands up vertically with the support of box iron.

Spiral chute

Spiral chute

Operating Steps of spiral chute

1. Make the gravity spiral chute or spiral separator stand, calibrate the vertical line, and then fix it in a proper position with iron stand or wood.

2. Transport the ore sand to the two feeding inlets on top of the spiral separator through the sand pump, add the replenish water into it, adjust ore concentration, at this time the ore pulp will flow rotationally and naturally up to down, which produces an inertial centrifugal force on the rotating slope surface.

3. According to the different proportions, particle sizes, and shapes of the ore sand and through the gravity and centrifugal force of the rotational flow, ores separate from the sand.

4. The concentrates flow into the fine ore funnel and then are received by a pipe, while the tailings flow into the tailing funnel, then are transported by a pipe into the sand pool and finally are discharged by the sand pump.

This forms the complete process of separating ores using the gravity spiral chute.


Model Processing capacity
DL2000 15-40
DL1500 8-16
LL1200 4-6
LL900 2-3


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