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Roller Sand Mixer

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Roller Sand Mixer

Roller Sand Mixer

Feeding Amount:500kg

Production Capacity:1000-13000kg/h

Application Range:baking-free brick, sand lime brick, cement brick and refractory brick


Roller sand mixer is used for mixing sand of casting workshop. Its electric motor is connected by the elastic coupling and input of reducer. After three-stage reduction, the electric motor does counter clockwise rotation by centralized driving of output shaft. Crosshead, crank arm and tumbler all adopt steel casting, which extends the useful time of machine. Due to the reasonable parameters and advanced structure, this machine has the features of high efficiency, low energy consumption, compact structure, attractive appearance and reliable operation.

Roller Sand Mixer

Components of roller sand mixer

It mainly consists of engine body, mixed institutions, reduction gear, sand discharging door, sampling gate and other components

Features of roller sand mixer

The straight edge can be adjusted and has tungsten carbide bead welding of wear-resistant layer, which has long service life.

Applicable range of roller sand mixer

It can be applied to the casting workshop for mixing sand, which can be used in glass, chemical, building materials and other industries.


Feeding Ratio Mixing Time Productivity Disk Diameter Roller(Dia./W) Total Transmission Ratio Pressure of One Roller Speed of Mainshast Dimensions Fill 30#-40# Lubricant Oil
in Gear Box
500kg(0.4m3) 2-3min 1000-13000kg/h 1820mm 750/240mm 43.06 0-3000N 34r/min 2080/1882/1755mm 10kg

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