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MBS Type Rod Mill

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MBS Type Rod Mill

MBS Type Rod Mill

Processing ability: 0.5–500 t/h

Feeding size: ≤25 mm

Applied material: cement, silicate, new-type building material, refractory material, fertilizer, ore dressing of ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal.

Henan Fote Machinery Co., Ltd. produces two kinds of MBS type rod mill as dry-type rod mill and wet-type rod mill which can meet customers’ different needs according to their actual cases. As to the processing of quartz sand, dolomite and monazite etc, magnetic separators are attached to the MBS rod mill for the purpose of deironing.

The so-called MBS type rod mill gets its name because the grinding body loaded in the drum is a steel bar. The MBS rod mill adopting the wet-type overflow technology is widely used for the primary open-circuit grinding in industries like artificial stone sand making, dressing plant and the electric power department of the chemical plant.

MBS Type Rod Mill

Technological Features of MBS type Rod Mills

1. Power Saving

The new generation of MBS type rod mills made by Fote Machinery can save over 40% of the power than old ones and the granularity of the products is even with little bulky grain and slime. By comparing the granularity characteristics of the products from MBS type rod mills and ball mills, we find that the characteristic curve of the former with the open circuit when working is almost the same as the latter with the closed circuit.

2. More Regular Granularity and Higher Production

The new generation of MBS type rod mill adopts advanced controlled feed and outfeed technology and changes the traditional line contact to surface which provides proper grinding bodies for different grinding materials in practical application, thus leading Huali sand makers to make products with more regular sizes and higher yield. This MBS type rod mill can process different mineral ores with the Moh's hardness of 5.5-12.

MBS Type Rod Mill

 3. Adjustable Fineness of Discharging Materials

MBS rod mill has installed internally a fineness controlling device and will be added screening devices while discharging. With the two steps, we can make a simple adjustment to change the granularity of the discharging materials so that we can avoid over-grinding and also prevent the failed products from mixing into the finished products. The granularity characteristics of the products are related to the original broken ores. When beating the ores, the MBS rod mill first hit the coarse ones, and then the smaller ones, thus avoiding the over crushing situation. As the bar is spinning up along the scale board like a bar screen with coarse grains inside, those fine grains pass through the gap of the bar, which also helps break the coarse ones and make them gather to the beating position where the grinding medium is. As a result, we get the regular products from MBS type rod mill and at the same time avoid serious over grinding.

MBS Type Rod Mill


Shell Specifications (mm)
Shell rotation speed
Feeding size
Discharging size
Processing capacity
Total weight
Diameter Length
MBS0918 900 1800 36-38 ≤25 0.833-0.147 0.62-3.2 18.5


MBS0924 900 2400 36 ≤25 0.833-0.147 0.81-4.3 22 6.7
MBS1224 1200 2400 36 ≤25 0.833-0.147 1.1-4.9 30 13.9
MBS1530 1500 3000 29.7 ≤25 0.833-0.147 2.4-7.5 75 19.8
MBS1830 1830 3000 25.4 ≤25 0.833-0.147 4.8-11.6 130 34.9
MBS2130 2100 3000 23.7 ≤25 0.833-0.147 14-35 155 46.5
MBS2136 2100 3600 23.7 ≤25 0.833-0.147 19-43 180 48.7
MBS2430 2400 3000 21 ≤50 0.833-0.147 25-65 245 59.7
MBS2736 2700 3600 20.7 ≤50 0.833-0.147 32-86 380 92.5
MBS2740 2700 4000 20.7 ≤50 0.833-0.147 32-92 400 95
MBS3245 3200 4500 18 ≤50 0.833-0.147 64-180 630 149


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