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Magnetic separator

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Magnetic separator

Magnetic separator

Processing ability: 1–220 t/h

Feeding size: 3–0 mm

Shell diameter: 600–1500 mm

Applied material: magnetite, pyrrhotite, calcined ore, ilmenite, etc

Introduction to magnetic separator

 The dry magnetic separator or magnetic drum separator with its popularity is the most widely used equipment for separating different magnetic materials in industries like mining, timber, ceramics, chemicals and food etc. As for the mining industry, it is not only suitable for doing the wet or dry magnetic separation of manganese ore, magnetite, pyrrhotite, roasted ore, ilmenite, red limonite and other materials with particle size less than 50mm but also for doing deironing of coal , non-metal minerals and building materials.

Magnetic separator

magnetic separator

The dry magnetic separator is divided into two categories and the permanent magnetic separator system usually uses high-quality ferrite materials or composite made with rare earth magnets. Its tube sheet used to own an average magnetic induction of 80-400mT. As the technology develops, the wet magnetic separator or China magnetic separator can be made into a roll shape and realize a magnetic field strength up to 1650mT which has been the biggest number measured.

Magnetic separator

Drum performanceof magnetic separator

1. Roughing after the coarse and secondary crushing of the low grade iron ore, excluding waste rock, etc., improving quality and reducing the burden of the next process

2. Applying to the grading of the uncompleted reductive raw ores from the hematite in the closed circuit roasting process and then returning to burn again.

3. For deironing of the petuntse in the ceramic industry to improve the quality of ceramic products.

4. For deironing of burning coal, foundry sand, refractory matters and other industries.

Magnetic separator

Parameter of magnetic separator;

Model Cylindrical 
of cylinder 
XCT465 400×650 500 Customized
<70 5
XCT565 500×650 500 <70 10
XCT665 600×650 500 <70 15
XCT68 600×800 650 <80 20
XCT758 750×800 650 <80 25
XCT7595 750×950 800 <80 30
XCT995 900×950 800 <80 150-210
XCT10115 1000×1150 1000 <80 350-430


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