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Disk Feeder

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Disk Feeder

Disk Feeder

Feeding size:<50mm

Production capacity:14-80m³/h

Application:For the disc feeder feeding materials have ore, coal, cement, clinker, limestone, clay powder, granular or small block material, etc.


As the name suggests, the disk feeder, as an indispensable auxiliary device to the mineral processing equipment, has the main function of supplying materials to other equipment by letting materials enter evenly into the other device so that the next procedure can continue smoothly, thus not only saving labor, protecting the performance of the equipment, but also prolong the service life of the whole production line.

The disk feeder as the ore feeding equipment suitable for powder materials smaller than 20 mm is made up of a drive device, the feeder body, a measuring ribbon conveyor and a metering device. The feeder and the belt conveyor are both driven by the same driver whose electromagnetic clutch can start, stop the feeder as well as make functional transformation of it. The measuring ribbon conveyor works at a speed less than 1 m/s, with a speed detection device installed on it for measuring the tape speed and with an adjustable test lever in order to prevent weighing roller from deflection.


1. Simple structure, reliable operation, convenient adjustment and installation

2. The installation of a limited rectangle fluid coupling can start up with full load and realize overload protection.

3. Light weight, small volume, reliable operation, long service life, convenient to maintain

4. The biggest feeding capacity can reach 1200 t/h (coal).

5. Adopt the advanced mule rod speed reducer with a planar quadratic enveloping ring surface, to realize large carrying capacity and high transmission efficiency.

6. The gap between the side lining plate, inclined lining plate and the base plate is adjustable and its size can be exact controlled, thus reducing the leakage of materials to a great extent.

7. The driver adopting double push rods is arranged symmetrically, so that the whole machine gets balanced force and stable transmission, thus eliminating the torsional pendulum phenomenon when the base plate reciprocates.

8. The base plate with the upright reinforcing plate is supported by three common-length carrier rollers, ensuring its stiffness and eliminating its bending deformation when the base plate reciprocates.

9. The lining plate made of a small piece of wear-resisting steel plate can be changed easily according to how much it’s worn, thus making wise use of materials and reducing maintenance costs.


Specification Feeding Capacity
Motor Power
KR1000 14 7.5
KR1500 25 7.5
KR2000 100 7.5
BR1000 13 11
BR1500 30 11
BR2000 80 15

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