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Chute Feeder

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Chute Feeder

Chute Feeder

Processing ability: 10.5–300 t/h

Feeding size: 205–300 mm

Outlet size: 600×500–1000×1900 mm

Power: 4–7.5 kw

Applied material: powdery, granular materials


A chute feeder is also called a reciprocating or oscillating feeder which is an earlier feeding device with the application of mine storage tank discharging technology. There are many types of chute feeders with the similar structure, namely the installation of adjusting gate edge with controllable the material layer height and a shuttle feeding plate at the bottom of the feeding trough. Their differences lie in different feeding plate angles. Some of them generally incline downward about 5 degree or bigger angle (smaller than the static accumulation of material) along the direction of the discharging and some are horizontal types with zero degree. The feeding plates move in three ways as back and forth, vibrating and swinging, etc. Transmission structures are all cranking up patterns.

Chute Feeder

 The chute feeder is applicable to the short distance transportation of the metal and non-metal materials and is widely used in metallurgical, chemical, coal, mining, water resources and hydropower engineering departments. It will send bulky and granular materials from storage bunker to a variety of different receiving devices.


Specification Capacity
Motor Power
600×500 10.5-25.5 4
980×1240 36-90 7.5
1000×1900 300 7.5


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