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Ore Powder Ball Machine and Strong Pressure Ball Press Machine


Ore powder ball press machine is the product of ore powder industry development, which is an emerging industry with upgraded technology and energy. Ore powder is the left waste after washing process of original mineral powder, has now been effectively used, which saves energy, avoiding waste of coal resources, and reduce pollution in mining areas. The ball made by ball press machine can replace coal with high quality, serving millions of households.

Strong pressure ball press machine is commonly used in the marketing of pulverized coal powder ball press machine, with key models of ball press machine, high pressure ball press machine, hydraulic pressure ball machine and so on, with wide range of applications in production. As the manufacturer of ball press machine, we stick to the principle that producing energy-efficient ball press equipment. Our company has more than 20 years of experience in producing ball pressing machine, and we will integrate more advanced technology to produce superior equipment in future. With the development of industrial machinery, the technology of ball press machine in China is constantly improving. Current levels of domestic ball pressing machine have features of high performance, high reliability and beautiful shape, which have reached the international level.

Strong pressure ball press machine can make all kinds of powders into balls by forcing the booster and preloading Helix precision machining, so it is widely used in metallurgical, chemical, coal and refractory material industries. After several improvements, especially recently, greater improvement has been made on reducing energy consumption, increasing pressure quality and compactness, the overall performance of the ball pressing machine has reached the international level. The ball press machine is equipped with wheels, which can save energy, and increase kinetic energy and production efficiency. The added counterattack plate adjusting device makes adjusting fineness of finished material more quickly and easily, without having to open the cabinet. The two counterattack plate adjusting devices eliminates the cable car trouble. Traditional strong pressure ball press machine only has the rear access door, while the new has another door which is more conducive to maintain and observe the functioning of equipment.


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