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Organic Fertilizer Equipment Makes Full Use of Organic Waste


How to make full use of organic waste resources is important aspect on establishing our resources-saving society, promoting recycling economy and developing organic agriculture. China is a big agricultural producing country, also a fertilizer consumption power. The production of fertilizers will consume a large amount of non-renewable resources, such as coal, electricity and natural gas. Our equipment uses solid organic waste to produce organic fertilizer with ball-shaped particles, to achieve the objective of saving non-renewable resources and protecting the environment. The social benefits of organic fertilizer equipment is huge, which is in line with China’s industrial policy of energy saving and emission reduction.

Products produced by organic fertilizer equipment make fresh chicken dung and pig dung as raw material, without any chemicals. In addition, chicken and pig have bad digestive ability, can only consume 25% of nutritional ingredients, and 75% other nutrients in feed will be discharged along with the waste, making finished products containing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, amino acids, proteins, organic matter, and other ingredients.

Fermentation in the early stage: organic fertilizer fermentation equipment, humidity material crusher, roller crusher; Granulation in the later stage: mixer, granulators, disc of organic fertilizer granulation, organic fertilizer drying machine, rotary cooling machine, drum screen machine, rotary coating machines, automatic weighing and packing machine, all these machines are connected by belt conveyor.

Manufacturing and production of organic fertilizer is more suitable for disc granulator. As most raw materials are formed by the fermentation of organic matter, so the production process of organic fertilizer does not require a chemical reaction. Raw materials for producing organic fertilizer are various, for example, manure from animal in farms, sludge from urban wastewater plant, solid waste, kitchen waste, etc. Organic fertilizer in China has a new standard: organic matter≥25%, water% ≤ 30.0, pH value 5.5~8.5, etc.

Production process of organic fertilizer: the production of organic fertilizer must go through fermentation, grinding, mixing, granulating, drying, cooling and screening process. Fermentation and grinding process are particularly important, which can provide high quality raw materials for organic fertilizer.

Bio-organic fertilizer project has features of short construction period, high return on investment, low risk, short recycle period and so on.


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