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The Sand Washer is Practical in Many Industries


The sand washer has become one of the most commonly used mining machines in a lot of industries especially the construction industry. There are many situations for us to consider using the sand washer. Today our experts will list some occasions when we make use of this popular machine.

When there is a large amount of mud mixing with the sand, it will cause blocking problems to the crushing machine, screens and ore storage bins. At this time, we should do some washing to make sure that the operation can go on very smoothly.

sand washer

When there are some bulk waste stones mixing in the sand, we need to use the sand washer to clean the fine sand for later ore beneficiation process by removing the mud. Also, there may be certain amount of limonite and hematite mixing with clays, so we need to handle the sand quite carefully. However, once there are just little iron-bearing minerals within the cement clays, we can simply throw away the tailings directly after the sand is washed.

Sometimes the raw pulp of the minerals and mineral bulks are quite different in their properties, so it’s necessary for us to separate the minerals from the mud and sand, thus realizing the perfect ore beneficiation effect.

Among so many mining processing steps, sand washing may be one of the most important procedures. We all know that the sand washer is widely applied in the industries of sandstone plant, mines, construction materials, chemical engineering, water and electricity etc.

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