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Industrial Dryers can Dry Different Sand Materials


Drying is an essential step in the mining industry. The industrial dryer becomes the key equipment to realize effective and high efficient drying purpose for different sand materials like quartz sand and river sand.

The quartz sand dryer machine which adopts the new feeding and discharging devices can effectively prevent the blocking and reverting problems and guarantee the feed process continuously and uniformly, which will reduce the load of the dust pelletizing system.

Our company’s quartz sand dryer adopts the stainless steel plate as the scale board and the gas generator as the heating device, which guarantees the cleanliness and iron content of the materials. It has an innovative structure which intensifies the cleaning and heat conduction effect of the scattering materials and removes the sticky problem on the dryer drum wall.

sand dryer

The river sand dryer machine is a kind of drum dryer which features in great production capacity, wide application range, small flow resistance and easy operation. Compared with the monocular dryers, the river sand dryer can save 60% of the area and the civil engineering investment. Its coal consumption is one third of the monocular dryer’s consumption amount and the river sand drying equipment consumes less than 9 kg coal for each ton standard.

Our river sand drying machine can be increased by 40% of the heat efficiency compared with the monocular one. Materials with the initial water content of 15% will be reduced with 0.5% -1% and the china river sand dryer is the ideal choice for drying the bulk materials such as river sand, yellow sand, sea sand and guava sand.


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