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How can Users Dry Sawdust with Industrial Dryers?


When we want to handle the wet sawdust, we also need to find a suitable industrial dryer that can dry the sawdust high efficiently.

Our company has developed the latest sawdust dryer to realize the drying purpose of wet sawdust. The sawdust is added into the drying tube continuously by the screw conveyor and the moisture in the materials gets evaporated in the high-speed moving hot air, thus producing dry materials.

sawdust dryer

The sawdust dryer owns a lot of unique features according to our experts:

1.It has a high drying intensity and short drying period. As the materials scatter with high dispersion in the air flow, the total surface areas of the particles equal the active drying areas.

2.The airflow dryer has simple structure, covers a small area and easy to build up and maintain.

3.It owns a large drying capacity and heat efficiency as high as 60%.

The sawdust dryer is used to dry the straws before they are compacted. It can also dry charcoal, sawdust, straws and many other materials. Company is regarded as a high quality machinery manufacturer which will provide you with both world-class sawdust dryers and services.

In the mining industry, an industrial dryer that is regarded as a device that removes the moisture of the materials can turn the materials with much humidity into those with little moisture. The industrial dryer is widely used to dry most kinds of materials in the industrial, agricultural production as well as to dry the wet concentrate at the end of the industrial mineral processing production.


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