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Why are Mobile Crushers Widely Applied in the World?


Our company develops, manufactures, and markets mobile crushers which are applied widely in civil engineering, quarries and open-pit mines worldwide. The mobile crushers offer high-performance with straightforward and reliable property.

Our advanced mobile crusher has the following main features:

1. The mobility of our mobile crusher lies in the short distance between shafts, small radius of turning circle, and the ability of moving flexibly on the ordinary roads and inside operation area.

2. The mobile crushing plant can do field processing without moving materials away from the operation site, which greatly reduces the transportation cost of materials.

3. The integrative set installation pattern avoids the installing steps of the infrastructure of the divided parts of the whole set in complex field, thus reducing both materials and working hours. The rational and compact spatial arrangement of the whole set increases the flexibility of the site residence.

mobile crusher

The mobile crushing plant is mainly applied in the industries of metallurgy, chemical, building materials and hydropower to process materials that need moving frequently, especially to process mobile stone materials used for highway, railway and hydropower projects. Customers can decide which configuration form to use according to the types of the raw materials, production scale and the requirement of finished materials.

We provide the qualities in crushing plants that customers exactly want. Nowadays, our company focuses on innovative product design and after-market support systems which give added customer value. We now offer a wide range of mobile crushing plants suited for demolition, quarrying and road construction applications.


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