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Energy Saving Briquette Machines Become Welcome


Environmental protection and energy-saving are always the concern of both the whole nation and all enterprises. So the energy saving briquette machine starts to get popular among customers on the market.

Our company’s energy-saving briquette machine is a new device moderated on the ordinary one with the features of high pressure, adjustable rotate speed and the installation of the screw feeding device. The energy-saving briquette machine has the advantages of the environmental protection and transportation convenience which increases the usage of wastes and brings good economic and social influence.

briquette machine

The main working part of the machine is driven by the electromagnetic adjustable-speed motor; it is transmitted to the driving shaft via the belt conveyor and the cylinder gear reducer. Then the driving shaft and the driven shaft runs at the same pace through the exposed gear. The screw feeding device driven by the belt conveyor presses the materials with constraint into the main feeding mouth.

When too many materials or metal blocks enter the space between the two compression rollers, the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder gets so pressed that the pump will stop working and the energy accumulator will make buffer action facing pressure changing.

Considering the negative situation of coal supply and the improvement of environmental protection, the clean coal is getting popular among customers because of its features like general particles, strong reactivity, good heat stability and sulfur fixation and smoke abatement.

We believe that the energy saving briquette machine will make a big difference on the coal making industry and will supply enough high quality coal and other ball materials for customers.


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