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How Can Users Disassemble the Jaw Crusher Properly?


Jaw crushers are the most common stone breaking machines made by our company. Our jaw crusher is famous for its simple structure and high crushing efficiency among customers. Here we will tell you why our jaw crushers are popular and how to disassemble them correctly.

jaw crusher

Our jaw crusher is quite a best seller on the market for stone crusher because they own a lot of disadvantages: deep crushing cavity and energy-efficient; strong bearing capacity and stability; advanced technology and long service life; simple maintenance with the centralized lubrication system; simple structure and maintenance; wide range of the discharging adjustment and multi-purpose; little noise and dust.

Then how can users disassemble the jaw crusher? In the repairing process, the easiest way is changing the driving plate. As for this type of crusher that its connecting rod is ensemble, you need dismantle the driving plate: firstly screw out the dam-board bolt, cut down the lubrication pipe and hang the driving plate on the grab hook of the crane or other lifter machines. And then you may let go of the spring of horizontal connecting rod and pull the movable jaw to the direction of the fixed jaw and take the plate out.

If you are going to take out the rear plate of the jaw crusher, you need first to pull open together the rod and the front driving one. After it is dismantled, you need to cut down the rare lubrication oil and cooling water pipe.

Learning much about the disassembly of the jaw crusher will surely help users to make full use of the equipment.


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