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Introduction to Two Advanced Ball Press Machines


Our company is famous for making the advanced ball press machines in modern times. There are two kinds of common ball press machines used in mining industries: high pressure ball press machines and static pressure ball press machines.

ball press machine

The high pressure ball press machine used for processing non-ferrous metal and black metal can directly make metal balls from metal powder. It is widely used to process the metallurgy industrial wastes.

The high pressure ball press machine applies widely to silicon manganese ore powder, dolomite, iron powder, magnesia, etc in metallurgy, chemical, coal and refractory industries. Materials after being suppressed can be directly used for the metal smelting, thus reducing the waste of resources, saving costs, improving the utilization rate of the waste materials as well as making materials after processing convenient for storage and transportation.

The static pressure ball press machine is mainly used to press or compact kinds of iron powder, ore powder, sinter and steel slag. Any kind of powder materials that need to compact can be made into ball materials by this machine.

The static pressure ball press machine with its advanced technology, reliable quality, multi-purpose and strong power is suitable for the large, medium and small size entrepreneurs to build up a production line with a certain scale. It is mainly used to press the coal powder, coal mud, coke powder, coking coal and metallurgy powder into cold pressing balls and refractory matters. The machine has obvious effect on the loose materials like coke powder, oxide skin, fly ash and sludge.


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