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A Few Notes on the Installation of Rod Mill


1. The installation site of rod mill is closely related to the crushing machine as different crushing site requires different installation position of the rod mill. Generally speaking, rod mill is installed in the workshop or in the open air.

2. Before installing rod mill, check it according to the container loading list and check whether there is damage on the spare parts during the transportation process and whether the spare parts and the replacement parts are complete.

3. Before the machine leaves the factory, the workers have run it for hours to make sure that every spare part can work normally. Even so, after it is installed in the working site, it is still necessary to completely check whether the lubricating pipes are firmly connected, and add oil again before the test run and special grade Mobil automobile oil should be used.

4. Make the spare parts are connected firmly and reliably. Check if there are foreign matters on the impeller, if there are, timely eliminated them. Check whether the connection of the motor is correct and whether the voltage is normal.

5. Before installing the belt, first start the motor, and the revolving direction should be the same with the marked direction of the rod mill.


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