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Growing Value of Screening Technology in Mining Industry


In the mining industry, the screener or the screening machine may be one of the most important and common device with a wide range of application in different industrial fields. In the past, as the society developed slowly and the scientific and technology of the whole world was not quite advanced, there was no popular and effective screening technology and standard for the mining machinery manufacturers across the world. However, things start to change.

screening machine

In countries where low-grade ore bodies remain and labor costs are relatively high, such as Canada, US and Sweden, the small, low-tonnage mining operation has virtually disappeared. The industry has moved to high-tonnage, low-grade operations, which require larger equipment with a low operating cost and high throughput.

As a result, there is even greater importance on integrated processing solutions or grinding process, including screening technology. Once a minor design option, screen technology now has a significant impact on mine processing operations. The interdependence requires that all unit processes be optimized and aligned for maximum capacity, efficiency and utilization. By carefully designing and integrating equipment, capital investments can be minimized without compromising productivity or increasing maintenance costs.

For screening technology, mine operators should be evaluating the separation effectiveness, durability and overall maintenance costs when evaluating different screening technologies. When an improper selection of a screen occurs, operators are forced to compromise the production and cost targets of other equipment in the plant. For example, a cone crusher operating cost can be as much as 50% higher if fines are not adequately removed prior to crushing.


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