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Incredible Wear Resisting Property of the Impact Crusher’s Hammer


Are you still worried about the short service life and weak wear resisting property of the hammer of the impact crusher? Are you still making efforts to search for good quality hammers for the impact crusher in your real practice? Now, you can feel released because the high-end impact crusher’s hammer has been invented and put into use in the modern market. It’s time for users to replace the traditional hammers made of high-manganese steel and high-chromium plate.

impact crusher

Although the past hammer made of high-manganese steel and high-chromium plate can also do well in the crushing process in the working field, it’s not easy for it to adapt to the harsh conditions. The serious abrasion problem of the impact crusher is quite a common problem. Even though some manufacturers try many ways to improve the traditional impact crusher’s hammer, they can’t solve the problem fundamentally and the wear resistance property of the hammer isn’t improved to a great extent. The short service life of the hammer causes a waste of resources.

So what is the high-end hammer of the impact crusher we mentioned above? It is a new generation of product designed and made by our company. The base materials of the hammer is the low cost high-manganese steel while the working part of the hammer is inset the compound ceramic preset device. This structure makes the new impact crusher own good wear resistance on the wearing surface and own excellent plasticity and impact toughness on the non-wearing surface.

The new impact crusher made by our company has won customers’ trust and praise once it is put into use in the domestic market. Its utilization can help users save a large amount of precious metal and realize the energy saving and emission reduction goal.


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