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The Installation Notes of Newly Bought Metal Crusher


Generally speaking, after a metal crusher is bought, the manufacturer will send one or two technicians for the installation and debugging. However, to make sure that the machine can be put into production as soon as possible, what preparation work we should do before that?

 The application range of metal crusher is very wide, and it can be used for crushing all kinds of waste metal materials such as paint bucket, zip-top can, sheet iron and scrap iron in chemistry, metallurgy and building material industry. The metal crusher manufactured by our company has the same good crushing effect as shredmaster and knife mill. And here the experts of our company will share with everyone the installation notes of a newly bought metal crusher.

1. Before installing metal crusher, lay the foundation according to the foundation drawing and reserve the pre-burying holes for foundation bolts.

2. To avoid the powder leakage when there is air leakage on the dust control unit of the metal crusher, while installing the machine, it should be protected from sunshine and rain.

3. When installing metal crusher, it has to make sure there is firm and reliable concrete foundation. In the running process, obvious vibration is forbidden and normal production can be put into after the revolving direction has been determined.

4. When installing metal crusher, the crane tool whose hoisting ability can reach 2 t has to be equipped to provide guarantee for the installation and maintenance.

5. Under normal use, it the product fineness cannot meet the requirement, check the wear degree of the blade, dental lamina and slope bushing or reduce the width of the fan blade.

6. After the metal crusher is checked and repaired, add enough lubricating grease to the relevant parts. Generally speaking, after the metal crusher is bought and used for over 6 months, check and clean the center shaft system of the main machine, transmission device, battledore device and oil tank of the analyzer.

7. The foundation of metal crusher should be made of high-standard cement and the conduit and cable duct should be pre-buried. There should be a 15-day maintenance period after the cement foundation is poured.

8. Timely prepare the circuit for the installation of the machine.


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