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People Need to Pay Attention to the Industrial Wastes


When handling the coal ash process, the fineness of coal ash has a certain effect on the strength of the coal ash. The coal ash fineness is thinner, and the strength is higher. So when processing coal ash, you should select high fineness and high-performance mill. Our company increases the effort to do research and development on the production strength, combining with years of equipment requirements of milling machine market, and the features of coal ash. We launch a new series of vertical mills.

vertical mills

Since vertical mills enter into the grinding machine market, their good milling performance has won much recognition of many customers. The mill adopts reasonable and reliable design, with advanced technological process, integrated with drying, grinding, classifying, elevating, especially in the large grinding process, which can fully meet customers’ requirements. In the grinding operation, it has the features of high efficiency, low wear, low cost, easy operation, reliable quality, low noise etc.

Sand making equipments mainly include impact crusher, jaw crusher, hammer crusher, cone crusher, roll crusher and vibrating feeder, etc. Coal ash is a kind of industrial waste that has more active alum oxide and which can make chemical reaction with calcium hydroxide at normal temperature. It produces hydration calcium silicate and calcium aluminates which will help to make mixture harden to increase strength.

In addition, the coal ash consists of two minerals: one is vitreous body, about 70% to 80%; the other is acicula, about 15% to 20%. These spherical particles are the main reasons of improving mixture workability. After the coal ash is recycled, it not only reduces pollution, but also solves the problem of lacking materials.


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