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Sand Washers Cooperate with Fine Sand Recovery Machines Perfectly


The sand washer owns the ability of cleaning off the mud and dust mixing with the sand, and the ability is realized by its new type of sealing structure and reliable driving device to guarantee the washing effect. The sand washer is famous for its large capacity of cleaning sand, low energy consumption low fine sand flowing rate and low water consumption.

sand washer

In the actual sand production line, the waste water with a large amount of mud and fine sand discharged from the sand washer flows to the settling pond and causes the pond to be blocked easily. In such case, we can use the fine sand recovery machine to help us prevent the fine sand from running away. The fine sand recovery machine made by our company adopts the wet type production technology to collect the fine sand that have flown away, which makes it the most high efficient recovery equipment to increase the productivity and reduce the pollution.

Our company has spent many years in doing research and development on the technology and performance of the fine sand recovery machine. Our equipment gets popular in no time because it can not only improve the quality of the finished products, but also increase the production quantity of the artificial sand making production line.

At present, a lot of large scale construction projects and production lines are asking for plenty of sand aggregate or the artificial sand. The wide range of applications of the machine made sand also gives a great opportunity for the sand washer and fine sand recovery machine to make continuous contribution to the social economy. The perfect cooperation of the two machines will make great benefits to customers.


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