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Inevitable Revolutions will Happen to Vibrating Feeder


The industrial development drives the mining machinery manufacturers to raise the production standard of the vibrating feeder and makes the vibrating feeder manufacturing step into a new stage. Considering the current application status at home and abroad, our company has made enough research and analysis on the developing history and status of the vibrating feeder. We finally conclude some reasons and sources that make the domestic vibrating feeder to experience changes and revolution.

vibrating feeder

On one hand, we should improve the performance and reliability of the components of the vibrating feeder in order to reduce the maintenance labor. The starting up frequency of the vibrating feeder is mainly affected by the performance and reliability of the components. As time goes by, people tend to pay more and more attention to the research and development of the new technology and new products which will reduce the weight of the vibrating feeder and improve the product quality.

On the other hand, the vibrating feeder is upgraded in the upsizing way and in some period the mining machinery manufacturer pays more attention to the stress condition of the vibrating feeder. Our company has succeeded in making breakthrough about the feeding machine’s structure and performance. As the national economy develops fast, it forces people to focus on the large size vibrating feeder which will adapt to the intensive production with high yield and high efficiency. We believe that the vibrating feeder will experience inevitable revolution in the near future. Only by catching up with the domestic developing trend of the mining machinery industry can the Chinese vibrating feeder manufacturers win in the fierce competition.


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