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Classifications and Characteristics of Rough Cone Crusher


The cone crusher made in China can be divided into three common types: the rough crushing machine, the medium crushing one and the fine crushing one. The rough cone crusher is also called gyratory breaker and the medium or fine crushing machine is also named mushroom shaped cone crusher. The gyratory breaker always does rough crushing to materials with all kinds of hardness in the ore beneficiation industry and other industrial departments.

cone crusher

In China, most ore beneficiation plants will apply standard type cone crushers to work with other machines for the medium processing procedure. Most fine crushing machines will adopt the short head cone crushers. Sometimes, we will choose the proper breaker between the gyratory breaker and the jaw crusher. Here we will learn about the knowledge of selecting and applying the suitable crusher.

Compared with the jaw crusher, the rough cone crusher has the following advantages:

1. It can provide enough feeding materials. The gyratory breaker can be directly fed with raw materials without the help of ore storage bin and rock feeder. While the jaw crusher can succeed in this process and we often need to add extra devices to assist the crusher to finish the whole crushing process.

2. The gyratory breaker can work in a very stable condition with little vibration. The machine is quite lighter than the jaw crusher. Moreover, the crushing cavity of the cone crusher is larger than the jaw crusher and it can work continuously and high efficiently, which makes users realize high yield as they expect.


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