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What Factors will Influence the Working Efficiency of Raymond Mill?


The Raymond mill is a popular machine to do deep processing of non-metal materials and has a wide range of applications in the industries of mining and cement plant. The Raymond mill meets many different demands in the market with its unique performance and advanced technology. In the production procedure of Raymond mills, there are many factors that will lead to the decreasing of working efficiency such as:

1.The hardness of the products. In general, when the materials are harder, it will be more difficult for Raymond mills to process them. The difficulty will become greater as the materials turn harder and harder, which will cause much abrasion to the Raymond mill.

2.The humidity of the products. In most cases, Raymond mills will not do well in the process of grinding materials with high moisture content because the great amount of moisture will stick to the interior of the Raymond mill and will also cause blocking during the delivery process, which weakens the capacity of the Raymond mill.

3.The contents f the products. If there are too much fine powder materials mixing in the products, we need to screen these materials in advance so that the fine power won’t cling to the inner surface of the Raymond mill without influencing the material transportation.

4.The viscosity of the products. If materials are too sticky, they will produce great adhesive force, resulting in the weakening of the working efficiency of the Raymond mill.

5.The Raymond mill adopts components with good performance and abrasive resistance in order to increase the capacity of the Raymond mill.

The production efficiency of the Raymond mill is not changeless, and we should notice the working details in order to keep the Raymond mill in good mood. In real production process, the customers and enterprises should pay much attention to more details so that we can completely realize the perfect operation of the Raymond mill and at the same time increase the production efficiency.


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