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Various Feeders Used in Ore Dressing Plant


Feeder is machine to feed materials from storage silos to feed device. In beneficiation operations, feeder determines feeding method and the efficiency of the machine. So it is important to select a appropriate feeder. There are some common used feeders used in beneficiation process as follows:

Apron feeders

Apron feeders is a common mining equipment for the primary crusher crushing plant. It has three types: heavy, medium and light. Apron feeders production capacity mainly depends on the width andthe speed of the chain plate, and feed size.

Chute feeder

Chute feeder is mainly used for feeding 0 ~ 250mm of medium-grained ore to feed device. The maximum feed size can be up to 450mm. It can be set up on the ground, you can also lifting it over the discharge port of ore bin.

Pendulum feeder

Pendulum feeder is mainly used for discharging ores in grinding mine process. Its structure is simple, It is easy to manage, but the accuracy is small,and the uniformity is poor.

Electromagnetic vibrating feeder

Electromagnetic vibrating feeder is a new type feeder. Its structure is simple, and size is small. Besides, its applying range of particle size is wide. But it is not suitable for viscous material, and noisy.

Disc feeder

Disc feeder is usually used for discharging ores in grinding ore process. When the material has high fines content, you should use the enclosed disc feeder, or use an open-type disc feeder.


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