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Development of Domestic Economy and Grinding Industry


Grinding mill equipment with various model produced by Fote Machinery can achieve the regulation of material fineness and production, and their economic effectiveness of integrated function earn then wide application in the big industrial and mining enterprises, as well as small investors. Grinding mill equipment with new technologies produced by Fote Machinery can solve the problem of dust pollution, and the excellent cost performance of Fote grinding mill brings customer great benefits in long-term using. Fote Machinery wins market with high quality products, best service and famous brand.

So far, our company has successfully developed Raymond mill, high pressure suspension mill, ultrafine powder mill, jaw crusher and other popular mining machinery. Thus, under the premise of adverse economic environment, a lot of accumulation and spread out of the granite, marble, stone, sandstone cultural stone, artificial stone, tombstone and blocks seriously threat cycle use and development of resources in our country. From longer term policy objectives of energy saving and emission reduction, as the building materials with lowest energy consumption, natural stone products will be more widely used in the modern city construction, as an integral part of soil and construction aggregate.

From the fundamentals of the China’s economic development, urbanization still has a long way to go, and the building of a new Socialist countryside will provide a broader space for development of stone grinding machine. For more than 20 years, Fote Machinery has been quietly developed many kinds of grinding mill, hopefully to do something for the protection of national resources.


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