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How to Maintain Zip-top Can Crusher


1. If the sharp corner of the hammer of the zip-top can crusher is blunt, the corner can be reversely used or the rotating direction can be changed. If the two corners of the one end of the hammer are all abraded, the hammer can be reversely used.

As for commonly metal crusher, when changing the head or the corner, all the hammers should be changed at the same time to maintain the balance of the rotor. If the four corners are all abraded, new hammers should be used, and the arrangement patterns should conform to the stipulation of the instruction. The quality different of every group of hammers should not exceed 5g, and some can crushers may lose balance and have serious vibration due to uneven abrasion. Then the static balance of the rotor should be revised, and in the meantime, rearrange the hammers or change new hammers.

2. After the screen is abraded or damaged, timely change it. When installing screen, the side with pore thorn should face inside and the shiny side should face outside and the screen should closely contact the screen frame.

3. After the daily work ends, clean the internal part of the can crusher to prevent the machine from rusting, screening from blocking and powder dust and dirt from going into the bearing.

4. Regularly check, clean and lubricate the bearing.

5. If the spare parts of the crushing equipment is seriously abraded, timey repair or changed then, and the repaired rotor should be in balance.


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